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What's the Difference?
Swimmers often ask, "What is the difference between the two models of Aquacise! coiled swim tethers?"
This page illustrates the physical differences between the Fitness and Competitor Models

Both Fitness and Competitor Models provide basic "Progressive Resistance" attributed to our Swim Tethers. For ordinary Zero-Impact Fitness and Exercise, both Models offer equally excellent service and convenience with very long product life.
(See Aquacise! Warranty)

For the average swimmer, the Fitness Model is usually quite well-suited for fitness and aerobic training. Strong swimmers and competitive athletes usually find the Competitor Model's larger, more rugged components and construction better matched to greater energy.

Travel and tethered exercise are equally convenient with either Aquacise! Fitness and Competitor Swim Tether models!

The Fitness Model is more compact when stored than the Competitor Model, taking about as much space in your luggage as two or three toothbrushes.

The Competitor Model takes about as much space as a can of shaving cream or bottle of shampoo.

Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tethers
Fitness and Competitor Models
Side-by Side Size Comparisons

Aquacise! Fitness Tether
Fitness Model
Coiled Swim Tether

Aquacise! Blue Mesh Bag
Mesh Bag
8 1/2" X 8 1/2"
Aquacise! Competitor Tether

Competitor Model
Swim Tether

Relative Coil Sizes
Aquacise! Fitness Coil Assembly
Aquacise! Fitness Model Coil Assembly
Coil is 1/4" O.D.

Fitness Attachment is Hook and Loop Style as shown here

Aquacise Competitor Coil Assembly

Aquacise! Competitor Model Coil Assembly
Coil is 3/8" O.D.

Aquacise! Competitor Tether 18" Loop
Competitor Attachment Loop is about 18".

Attachment Hooks - Size Compared
 Fitness Model - - - - - - - Competitor Model   
Relative Size Comparison of Attachment Hooks

Aquacise! Standard Belt

Aquacise Stnadard Belt and Buckle Assembly
Aquacise! Standard Belt Assembly
Soft, Comfortable, Durable 2" Webbing
Standard Belt
Adjustable to 46"
(60" Belt Option Available)

Aquacise Belt Tether Loop
Aquacise! Tether Attachment
Rust-Proof Brass Grommet

Aquacise! Belt Buckle

Aquacise! Belt Buckle
On-Hand Quick-Release

MORE than just a Tether! 
Aquacise! offers Progressive Resistance

Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tethers

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