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Low-Impact Natural Water Workouts for Any Age

Photo of Bob swimming on Aquacise Pool Tether in private pool. Note how the tether attaches to the pool ladder in this example.
Aquacise! Fitness Model and Bob in the pool

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Health and Fitness Solutions
The Natural swimming stroke and kick movements are maintained with coiled resistance tether, regardless of the swimmer's power.

Swim-in-Place activities excel as Zero-Impact exercise for physical rehabilitation. When the Aquacise tether is used with general aquatic exercise programs, improvements in body development, muscle tone and general well-being can be achieved with low-impact and low risk of "over-doing" it.

Aquacise systems are suitable for all ages from training young swimmers to low impact therapeutic workouts for seniors.

1. Aqua-Aerobic cardiovascular conditioning
- Builds total muscle tone and lung volume

- Enhances mental and physical life 

- Increases endurance 

- Zero-Impact exercise and rehabilitation 

- Health benefits for all ages from young swimmers to seniors 

2. Useful At Home
At any typical small attractive pool site: 
- Connect strap to a fixed ladder, water slide or eyebolt, then Swim-in-Place

- Ideal for apartment or condominium and above-ground pools

3. Convenient When You Travel
- Take Aquacise! with you in its color coordinated mesh travel bag 

- Hotel/Motel 

- Cruises 

- Gym and Club

4. Enhances Fitness Training
- Swim-in-Place systems enable convenient performance monitoring and instant technical analysis during full-bore training exercises.

- Swim-in-Place techniques enhance Instruction and training programs.

- Multiple class participants can be instructed on techniques simultaneously and conveniently. 

- Stationary exercise setups make Video documentation easy! 

- Improves swimming techniques for all method and stroke movements, regardless of power of the strokes.

MORE than just a Tether!  Aquacise! offers Progressive Resistance

Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tethers

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